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Baby’s Days

Kingdom Kids Childcare (KKC) are an online based setting and use a system called Baby’s Days. The information below explains how the Baby’s Days system works and why KKC use it.

Baby’s Days is a complex yet simple to manage online Software Application for childcare providers and parents. The system has been designed and developed to assist childcare providers with the forms and paperwork involved around all areas of the EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage, which includes the structure of Learning, Development and Care.

Baby’s Days allows you as a parent to connect to the system to view information relating to your child, for example you can connect to the system and view your child’s daily diaries, photographs and even their overall progress and achievements.

Baby’s Days helps reduce the work load and paperwork that your Childcare provider must complete within their setting, the system transfers a large majority of their paperwork onto a live online system that is far more efficient than boxes of paperwork and much easier for your Childcare provider to use. In addition, many of our customers state that by using Baby’s Days they learn more about the EYFS and are able to monitor and track children’s development and progress far more efficiently.

The intelligent system has been proven to save Childcare providers hours on paperwork, time consuming tasks such as creating a Child’s diary through to monitoring a Child’s progress now just takes a few minutes, there is no need for them to enter necessary data more than once as all areas of the system communicate with each other.

As a parent with a child whose childcare setting uses the Baby’s Days system, you are now privileged to see far more information relating to your child than you ever could before.

As your childcare provider, I can provide you with access to my Baby’s Days system and once you connect you will be able to see data and information relating to your child, exactly what you will be able to see is determined by me, however, this could include the following areas:

  • I have a selection of policies to inform you how my setting runs. You are able to read these on the Baby’s Days system, then they need to be agreed by you and to do this you digitally sign on the Baby’s Days system.
  • I have all my permissions I require to be able to care for your child stored on the system. There are also permission to say that you agree with certain policies and agree to follow them etc. You are able to read these on the Baby’s Days system, then they need to be agreed by you and to do this you digitally sign them.
  • On the system I have a daily diary section. Here you can view information about your child’s day, including general activities, what your child ate, sleeps and even nappies changes. You can also see photographs taken on that day too.
  • On the Baby’s Days system, you are able to view your child’s progress within the EYFS. You are able to see observation notes, photographs and achievement dates.
  • I use the system to create your invoices for your childcare hours. You are able to connect to the system to view and print your invoices.
  • I also use the Baby’s Days system to create newsletters and other information letters, which you can view once you have logged in.
  • This is also a section where you are able to view all the photographs for your child from all different sections on the system, such as diaries and progress.